SIEMonster MSSP Multi-Tenancy editions are for Security Operation Centers and Managed Security Service Providers.

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SIEMonster MSSP Edition is a Security Operation Centre Multi-tenancy software. This edition stands out from the rest as it allows MSSP’s to provide SIEM as a Service capability to their own customers in their own environment whether it be in Amazon AWS, Oracle OCI or on BareMetal. As hackers, we considered what we’d want if we need to look after multiple tenants and decided that a shared platform allows for easy monitoring and keeps the costs down for each tenant.


The MSSP multi-tenant edition is also perfect for companies that want to isolate data across their organisations. For example, a university that centrally manages security events but has isolated tenants for each campus or a bank with separate branches. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides a platform for companies to collect logs from a variety of network, computer assets to monitor for any threats and risks in their networks. On the client’s side, there is a centralized log collection server which sends all information over a VPN to the MSSP infrastructure. The customer can log on to their portal and see the logs stored securely and separately 24 hours a day.


SIEMonster MSSP Features

Amazon AWS

SIEMonster MSSP runs in Amazon AWS in your own environment. Automated horizontal & vertical scaling your solution is always available for your customers.

White labeling

SIEMonster MSSP Edition allows for your own companies logos letting your customers sees your own branding and coloring.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Threat Intelligence

SIEMonster provides real time Threat intelligence with commercial or opensource feeds to stop real time attacks.

Product Capabilities

Provides a single view of all your tenants.

As an MSSP it is important to quickly see what your clients security alerts are. The MSSP Edition provides a single view of your onboarded tenants and their requirements meeting all SLA’s. Onboard a new tenant in minutes.

See all of your customers Alerts Live

SIEMonster MSSP edition gives your SOC staff the ability to see all the alerts from all your customers, or even Chinese-wall views of particular tenants. Events can be automatically ticketed to support staff.

Give your Security Admin half a chance

Bring all your events and alerts from both SIEMonster and other commercial products like McAfee AV and Cisco into the one product.

Enterprise Tenant Metrics

SIEMonster MSSP edition allows you to keep track of your clients storage usage and performance. Create alerts so your Tenants can be billed for extra usage.

Incorporate your Vulnerability Scans

Instead of looking at 100 Page reports, use SIEMonster to bring your Vulnerability scan data alive.

Bring in Threat Intelligence

Feed your Monster with what’s going on outside in the world, with bad IP’s, bad email addresses or the latest attack vectors to stop the attacks cold before they effect your organization.

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