“SIEMonster can now ingest, process and action infinitely scalable events per second (EPS) to satisfy a range of clients from small organizations all the way up to enterprise customers. Collaboration with SIEMonster gives AWS the opportunity to showcase its services in the cybersecurity SIEM space, one of the fastest-growing sectors in information technology. By collaborating with Amazon, SIEMonster can leverage the AWS global network of sales teams and customers to grow further.”

Chris Rock, SIEMonster Chief Information Security officer


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How our collaboration evolved

The journey began when Amazon provided SIEMonster AWS credit during the New York Techstars summer program in 2018 to further develop the SIEMonster solution in the AWS cloud. Using optimized AWS services, along with the cream of open-source offerings, SIEMonster developers built a point and click, multi-AZ, complete end-to-end SIEMonster deployment. By embracing cutting edge technologies such as:

Fargate/ECS, serverless functions

UltraWarm caching for Elasticsearch

Managed EKS

Kafka streaming

Next level SOAR automation

Enterprise Case Studies

Learn how SIEMonster provided a global steel manufacturer with the alerting they required to defend themselves against the ever-increasing threats against complex SCADA systems. The cost of security-monitoring tools often puts them out of the reach of small and resource-challenged companies – but cost has been no obstacle for steel giant BlueScope’s CSO, David Johnston who has overseen implementation of SIEMonster the open-source alternative that’s providing global, real-time security monitoring while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

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The University of Massachusetts needed to find a solution that would allow them to properly process and analyze the amount of data generated, but also to find a solution that wasn’t prohibitively expensive. Prior to adopting SIEMonster’s solution, they had tried several other Gartner Quadrant-ranked SIEM solutions, none of which were able to meet their needs, and none for a reasonable price. Learn how SIEMonster solved UMass problem with a SIEM solution to ingest over 250,000 EPS at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

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