The SIEMonster Professional Edition is a single appliance or Virtual machine, for companies from 1-200 endpoints that runs on a single server.

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The Professional edition is built because the Enterprise Edition, with its multi-servers, is too large and cumbersome for smaller businesses. We believe that everyone deserves a secure network, including smaller organizations. After all, small doesn’t mean less important. A SIEM for everyone. Professional Edition may be smaller, but it’s still packed with all the features from SIEMonster Enterprise and comes as a single price model.


SIEMonster is a collection of the best open-source security tools, as well as our own, to provide a SIEM for everyone. We showcase the latest and greatest tools for security professionals. We have customers all around the now using our product that was once using Gartner quadrant competitors.

SIEMonster-professional edition

SIEMonster Professional Features

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Single Instance

The Professional Edition is our single instance version. Professional is perfect for companies wanting to run SIEMonster on less resources.

Cloud or Onsite


SIEMonster Professional Edition gives you the ability to automatically generate daily, weekly or monthly reports emails.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Upgrades & Support

SIEMonster Professional Edition, allows you to upgrade the product and monthly support options 9-5 or 24-7 support.

Product Capabilities

Shine a Light into your Organization

See what’s really going on across your assets and staff. Customize your own Dashboards and alerting.

Give your Security Admin half a chance

Bring all your events and alerts from both SIEMonster and other commercial products like McAfee AV and Cisco into the one product.

Incorporate your Vulnerability Scans

Instead of looking at 100 Page reports, use SIEMonster to bring your Vulnerability scan data alive.

Bring in Threat Intelligence

Feed your Monster with what’s going on outside in the world, with bad IP’s, bad email addresses or the latest attack vectors to stop the attacks cold before they effect your organization.

Want to find out what’s in your Network

Use our Audit and Discovery function to see what’s on your network or gets added to your network, including rogue PC’s, Wi-Fi access points and printers.

Full Reporting

Do you want an automatic report, daily, weekly or monthly. Get the reports sent straight to your email with custom logos to report to management or the board.

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