Just want to see all of your events and alerts in a secure Internet accessible portal. Don’t want to invest in hardware or personnel for support. SIEMonster SIEM as a Service is then for you.

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If your security team is small or you don’t have the time to manage patching and equipment, SIEMonster offers a full-service solution in the cloud. Using the SIEMonster portal, you can log on and see all your security events and alerts 24/7 without the hassle of setting up any infrastructure, backups, or patching.


SIEMonster offers both our Professional and Enterprise edition as a SaaS in the cloud. SIEMonster provides a virtual machine or service appliance to install into your network. All your security logs are encrypted stored and forwarded into your SIEM as a service instance in Amazon AWS. The onsite device ensures you will never lose any security data if there are any network outages. SIEMS that don’t provide this, risk log continuity in the event of communication failure. We don’t want you to lose data logs if your connection is down

SIEMonster SIEM as a service Features

Cloud or Onsite

Human Based Behavior

SIEMonster now provides Human Based behavior correlation options to enrich your alerts and minimize false positives.

Cloud or Onsite

Deep Learning

Using Machine Learning, Human Based Behavior analytics watch SIEMonster Deep Learning kill the attacks automatically.

Threat Intelligence Feeds

Threat Intelligence

SIEMonster provides real time Threat intelligence with commercial or opensource feeds to stop real time attacks.

Built On Open Source

SIEMonster is built on the best of Open Source tools with extra functionality, integration stability and correlation providing enriching data from the SIEM.
Some of these tools include

Open Distro Elasticsearch

Apache Ni-Fi


Apache Kafka

The Hive

Cortex Threat Analysis

MISP Framework



Open CTI Threat Modelling



Product Capabilities

Access all your logs 24/7

via a portal without the hassle of onsite infrastructure.Using separate logons for custom role specific views, for Security Analysts, Forensics staff and CISO views.

See all of your Alerts Live

SIEMonster SIEM as a Service gives your security team 24/7 access to see all of your alerts.

Give your Security Admin half a chance

Bring all your events and alerts from both SIEMonster and other commercial products like McAfee AV and Cisco into the one product.

Bring in Threat Intelligence

Feed your Monster with what’s going on outside in the world, with bad IP’s, bad email addresses or the latest attack vectors to stop the attacks cold before they effect your organization.

Incorporate your Vulnerability Scans

Instead of looking at 100 Page reports, use SIEMonster to bring your Vulnerability scan data alive.

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