SIEMonster is now offering SIEM as a service. For all our clients who just want a SIEM and Instant alerting to their phones, emails or a dashboards without the setup headaches and equipment costs.

A virtual image called Hydra will be installed into your Datacentre as a central point to collect all logs. The logs will be sent securely to the cloud AWS at Amazon into 4 server instances providing dual cluster front and back ends. Kustodian will provide maintenance and updates all server images in a secure environment. You get the benefit of a fully functioning SIEM with Open Source Threat Intelligence without the hassle of upgrading Linux Kernels, rule-sets or the custom open source software. There are no upfront equipment purchases, maintenance or licensing costs. All costs include archiving, and long term log storage using Amazon Glacier and S3 service.

Monthly fees for 1-2-3 years are available. The longer the term the cheaper it is, because Amazon provide lower fees for longer server instance commitments.

Contact us for pricing [email protected]