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SIEMonster Features

Human Based Behavior

Human Based Behavior

SIEMonster now provides Human Based behavior correlation options to enrich your alerts and minimize false positives.

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Threat Intelligence Feeds

Threat Intelligence

SIEMonster provides real time Threat intelligence with commercial or opensource feeds to stop real time attacks.

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Using Machine Learning, Human Based Behavior analytics watch SIEMonster Deep Learning kill the attacks automatically.

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Starter, Large, Enterprise & MSSP

SMB & Enterprise

Whether you’re a SMB, Enterprise or Managed Security Service Provider, SIEMonster has the scalable solution for you.

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Cloud or Onsite

Cloud or Onsite

SIEMonster allows you to run, onsite in a VM, Bare metal or Amazon AWS / Oracle OCI.

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Open Distro Elasticsearch

Apache Ni-Fi


Apache Kafka

The Hive

Cortex Threat Analysis

MISP Framework



Open CTI Threat Modelling



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BlueScope chooses SIEMonster for Security Monitoring.

Find out why BlueScope chose SIEMonster for all their monitoring needs.

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Redback wins one of the hottest cybersecurity products at RSA 2018.

Find out why Redback won the hottest product at RSA 2018 in San Francisco.

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Online Business Systems chooses SIEMonster for their SOC.

Find out why Online Business Systems in Dallas chose SIEMonster,

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What is SIEMonster.

Introduction video on what is SIEMonster.


Open Source Integrated Threat Intelligence.

SIEMonster Demo.

SIEMonster feature overview demonstration

Community Edition Demo

A walkthrough of the latest SIEMonster V4.6

Multi-tenancy Edition.

Multi-tenancy, MSSP Edition Overview.


Welcome to the SIEMonster Webinar Series. Topics will be chosen by the community on what they want to learn from the SIEMonster suite. The series will showcase how to perform specific activities to get the most from your implementation. Click on the Webinar button to reserve your spot.

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Enterprise Case Studies

Learn how SIEMonster provided a global steel manufacturer with the alerting they required to defend themselves against the ever-increasing threats against complex SCADA systems. The cost of security-monitoring tools often puts them out of the reach of small and resource-challenged companies – but cost has been no obstacle for steel giant BlueScope’s CSO, David Johnston who has overseen implementation of SIEMonster the open-source alternative that’s providing global, real-time security monitoring while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

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The SIEMonster Redback appliance was named in the Hottest Products of RSA 2018. SIEMonster have developed a low cost SIEM appliance codenamed “Redback” for (IoT) security monitoring. Customers can now receive device alerts, hacker attempts or firmware updates instantly to their smart phones or mobile devices. Gartner estimates that more than 50% of major new business processes and systems will include an IoT devices by 2020. SIEMonster launched the project after seeing the worlds experts both commercial and government struggling with the problem.

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