SIEMonster V5
SIEM transformed.

Introducing SIEMonster V5

SIEMonster V5: Proactive, modular, and designed for tomorrow. We’ve rebuilt SIEMonster from its core, with more automations  and integrations.  It’s simpler – and infinitely better.

Competitor comparison

Feature SIEMonster AlienVault LogRhythm Splunk
Real time threat intelligence
Compliance reporting
Customizable alerts to SMS, SNS, EMAIL, Slack, Chime etc
Customizable dashboards
Ingesting million+ Events Per Second (EPS)
Custom branding / white labeling
Auto scalability both horizontally and vertically
Customizable data flows
Quick deployment
Affordable solution
Suitable for SMB and large enterprise
Infinitely scalable
Automated SOAR
Open architecture
Data enrichment


What’s new in Version 5?

SIEMonster has been rebuilt from the ground up, with new customizable data flows, resilience and infinite scalability. It also comes with Automated SOAR flows and customizable data paths. The UX has been redeveloped into a slick interface with customizable Role based access controls.

Where have the Professional, Enterprise, and MSSP Licenses gone?

SIEMonster have developed a single product SIEMonster that can scale from a single server all the way out to a Partnership edition (formerly MSSP). You now pay per server hosting instead of per edition. This way you can grow out or scale down without relicensing.

Why is there no Community Edition (CE)?

SIEMonster no longer separates out versions of the products - everyone has access from the start to our most advanced version. In our old model, our CE customers who then upgraded to Professional Licenses had to reinstall from scratch. By having one product to rule them all, we remove the need to redeploy and all customers have access to all features.

Can we run our own Proof of Concept?

Yes, our product is available in the AWS Marketplace. You can have SIEMonster up and running within 15 minutes and start ingesting data. You can run a POC for any length of time, and when you’re ready to commit nothing changes - you can keep using the same product in AWS.

Can I run SIEMonster locally?

Yes SIEMonster can run locally, however the SIEMonster product has been rebuilt from the ground up with automated horizontal and vertical scaling. By running it locally you lose all those features. Local installs will need to go through the sales channel for pricing.

Is support available?

Yes, We have a new SIEMonster Support portal with all the documentation and videos as well as paid support.

Are Professional Services available?

Yes, we have Professional Services engineers available