SIEMonster is the brainchild of a team of professional hackers with over 20 years’ experience hacking into companies around the world. Using this experience, SIEMonster has built modern security SIEM tools for companies wanting to detect threats and risks to their organization.


It all began when a global manufacturer detailed their frustrations at the exorbitant licensing costs of commercial SIEM products and asked whether we could build a SIEM to minimize these annual license fees. We thought that was a great idea and set out to build a SIEM that we would also use. SIEMonster now provides SIEM products for Managed Security Providers (MSSP’s) and Security Professionals around the world.


Powerful Open Source security tools are increasingly being released to help security professionals perform automated tasks. But they are difficult to install, maintain and support and impossible to integrate with existing SIEM Solutions.


SIEMonster is a collection of the best open source security tools, as well as our own development as professional hackers to provide a SIEM for everyone. We call SIEMonster the show-bag of open source tools and show case the latest and greatest tools for security professionals. Not only that but we have built the platform on K8 with managed ingestion and can reach EPS of 500K in our cloud offering. We offer white-label solutions, local installation on ESXi or Baremetal at an affordable price.


One of the most important features is our adaptability with open source modules. We can bring in new cutting-edge modules to show case to our customers and the open source author a chance to showcase their products.  This is a unique offering and identity who we are.


SIEMonster have integrated Wazuh, Ni-Fi, Cortex and The Hive modules among others into this latest build. We have done all the hard work for you integrated them into the SIEMonster suite. Now you can have a SIEM, with Incident Reporting, Advanced Correlation with Threat Intelligence and Active Response all working together.


We are also working on a Project called Snapper, a virtual image for networks to bring in Suricata and Zeek based on OwlH to feed the SIEMonster Suite.