About Us

SIEMonster is the brainchild of a team of professional hackers with over 20 years’ experience hacking into companies around the world. Using this experience, SIEMonster has built modern security SIEM tools for companies wanting to detect threats and risks to their organization.


It all began when a global manufacturer detailed their frustrations at the exorbitant licensing costs of commercial SIEM products and asked whether we could build a SIEM to minimize these annual license fees. We thought that was a great idea and set out to build a SIEM that we would also use. SIEMonster now provides SIEM products for Managed Security Providers (MSSP’s) and Security Professionals around the world.

The CEO and founder, Chris Rock has been an active participant in the Information Security industry for 20 years and recently presented at DEFCON in 2015, 2016 and Blackhat Arsenal 2016.


Walkthrough a cyber regime change from start to finish.


Techniques on how to “kill” someone and obtain a real death certificate and shutdown their lives.

What is SIEMonster.

A short introduction video on what
is SIEMonster.

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