Blue Team Security,
By Red Team Professionals.

SIEMonster is an affordable, customizable and infinitely scalable SIEM solution. It’s Blue Team security, by Red Team professionals, promising the most proactive defense possible today, for whatever tomorrow may bring.

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SIEMonster can now ingest, process and action infinitely scalable events per second (EPS) to satisfy a range of clients from small organizations all the way up to enterprise customers. The collaboration between SIEMonster and AWS provides the perfect opportunity to showcase SIEMonster in the cybersecurity SIEM space, one of the fastest-growing sectors in information technology.

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About SIEMonster

With more than 30 years’ experience in penetration testing and whitehat hacking, SIEMonster’s founders are more equipped than most to have developed an affordable, customizable and infinitely scalable SIEM solution. Put simply, SIEMonster is Blue Team security built by Red Team professionals - making it the most proactive defense on the market. SIEMonster creates constantly evolving SIEM solutions, for the most secure future possible.

About SIEMonster