Disruptive SIEM Solution Provider SIEMonster Launches Version 4.0 Fully Loaded

SIEMonster’s Version 4.0 Fully Loaded launches globally today, across all editions.


SIEMonster believes that SIEM security should be available and affordable for everyone, which is why Version 4.0 Fully Loaded is available across all editions (Free Community Edition, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, and the MSSP Edition).


With a 500+k EPS rate, SIEMonster’s Version 4.0 Fully Loaded is a cutting edge SIEM solution that also offers real-time alerts (even to Slack), no hidden costs, and a 15-minute installation time. All the editions come with set prices for both the core product and installation and support packages.  Core Product pricing ranges from Free (Community Edition) to $15,000/year (MSSP Edition), and support packages range from $2,000 to $25,000. SIEMonster’s transparent pricing means that you only pay for what you need to.


Built on open-source software, SIEMonster’s Version 4.0 Fully Loaded comes with impressive list of software, including The Hive, Wazuh, Cortex, Apache Kafka, Open Distro, PatrOwl, Open CTI, Suricata, Apache Nifi, Prometheus, MISP, and Mitre Att&ck. SIEMonster base of open-source code means that the product is constantly updating to include the best and most recent software. Used by some of the world’s top universities, as well as by tech, finance and utility businesses around the world, SIEMonster is able to help secure your organization, no matter how big or small.