SIEMonster Redback Edition

The latest Edition to the Monster team is the Micro SIEM Redback appliance.

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SIEMonster RedBack Features

SIEMonster are pleased to announce a new product range of affordable Micro SIEM appliances designed to monitor the Internet of Things (IoT) in your home or business.


SIEMonster have developed a low cost SIEM appliance codenamed “Redback” for (IoT) security monitoring.Customers can now receive device alerts, hacker attempts or firmware updates instantly to their smart phones or mobile devices using the SIEMonster Redback smartphone application.


Gartner estimates that more than 50% of major new business processes and systems will include an IoT devices by 2020. These devices include Smart Fridges, Whiteboards, stereo systems monitoring systems put business at risk from IoT compromises.

SIEMonster partnering with Cog Systems will secure Redback with Cogs D4 Secure platform providing storage encryption, hardened OS and secure VPN to the SIEMonster Cloud. SIEMonster’s Deep learning and Threat Intelligence alerts customers to the latest threats and incidents around their IoT devices directly to their mobile devices.

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