The 10 Best Open Source SIEM Tools for Businesses

Should your business invest in and deploy an open source SIEM tool?

SIEM constitutes a major part of modern enterprise cybersecurity. Indeed, SIEM solutions offer critical IT environment protections and compliance standard fulfillment. Only through their log management, security analytics and correlation, and reporting templates can enterprises defend themselves against modern cyber attacks.
However, SIEM can also present significant problems for your business’ IT department. Generally, SIEM proves expensive to deploy and maintain; its solutions come with operational costs in both resources and times. Moreover, SIEM requires continual adjustments and evaluations as it deploys to ensure optimal performance. All this can make enterprises forgo deploying a SIEM solution, even though without it they leave themselves more vulnerable.


Yet your business may have a route to obtaining the vital security analytics it needs: open source SIEM.


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